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BATT2GO is a new power bank station network in America, strategically located around the city, allowing users to rent a battery pack and charge on the go all kinds of cell phones, tablets and many other accessories that we use every day and that we cannot live without.


Any person with a smart phone or tablet, just needs to download the app, once there you will be shown where is the nearest power bank station location, scan the QR on the station and by a very small hourly fee a fully charged battery pack will be released ready to charge, after using, return at the same place or any other available station near you.


You can find BATT2GO stations in your favorite venues all over the US. Open the app to find stations near you.


Scan the QR code on the BATT2GO station to release a power bank. It’s that easy!


BATT2GO portable power banks include cables for all types of phones, giving you the freedom to charge on the go.


You can return your power bank to any BATT2GO station in the network, from your local cafe to your favorite nightclub.

THE APP to get Started!

Customers become more loyal when added value and convenience is given

Customers tend to stay longer and consume more, knowing they will have power on their devices

Direct location from our site to your business and link to your site as a point of pick-up/drop off batteries

Very small and discreet footprint, can be placed on any bar, counter or tabletop

Increase sales and revenues from new customers using our app to locate your business

No charges at any time, responsibilities or hassles if customers take and don’t return the battery packs

No need to have dangerous cables and chargers from your customers connected in your outlets

No need to have multiple cables or replace them to have a courtesy charger available

Coupons and discounts available for your customers



You can rent a Portable Power Bank for just $0.99 for the first hour and $1.00 each additional hour up to a maximum of $4.99 for a 24-hour period. A rental period that is less than 60 minutes will be rounded up as an hour. The time and day the power bank is returned to the station will mark the conclusion of the rental period. You can rent the battery for a maximum of 2-day period. After 2 days your maximum continuous rental period will expire, and your Portable Power Bank will be considered purchased.
YES!!! Each of our Portable Power Banks comes with all the cables you need in one extremely compact unit. You can select from the 3 different connectors available on each Portable Power Bank, which ensures charging over 90% of all portable equipment today.
NO, the process is very simple… Once you approve to use your credit card, the system will get a preauthorization amount of $5.00 which will not be charged to your credit card, this is only to validate the transaction and to verify that you have enough funds for the rental period or in case you love it so much that you want to keep the Portable Power Bank. Once the Portable Power Bank is returned to a BATT2GO Power Bank Rental Station, the system will calculate the total rental period and only charge you for the time used. Please make a note that the minimum amount charge will be of $5.00. If the rental fees where less than $5.00, the remaining balance will be credited to your BATT2GO app’s wallet for future rentals.
You can also see all details in the BATT2GO app’s History.
After the 2 days maximum rental period, failure to return the rented Portable Power Bank will cause to be regarded as purchased. If this happens, a sale's fee of twenty-four dollars and 90 cents ($24.90) plus tax will be charged to your credit card in addition to your rental fees. The Portable Power Bank can be charged with a standard Micro USB cable plugged into a wall outlet or computer.
You can return your Portable Power Bank at any BATT2GO Power Bank Rental Station that has an empty slot. BATT2GO Power Bank Stations locations are available on the app or at www.batt2go.com.
If you lose a battery, please report the issue to us immediately to avoid any additional fees. We will charge you twenty-four dollars and 90 cents ($24.90) plus tax for every expired/lost power bank.
The system will detect that the Portable Power Bank was stolen or lost and will reject it.
Once you return your Portable Power Bank, your credit/debit card will be automatically charged only for the time of the rental period. Please make a note that a minimum amount charge will be of $5.00. If the rental fees where less than $5.00, the remaining balance will be credited to your app’s wallet for future rentals. You can choose to load or reload a different amount greater than five dollars ($5.00) in order to have enough funds for a longer rental period or later day. No refunds are authorized according to the terms and conditions of BATT2GO.
Our Portable Power Banks use secure current and only allow electricity flow rather than data transmission. Thus, our devices cannot collect any information or data from your device. We guarantee 100% safety.
Each BATT2GO Power Bank Rental Station measures each and every Portable Power Bank available and will only release a 100% fully charged Portable Power Bank.
When the cable or the Portable Power Bank is not properly functioning, please return it immediately. You will not be charged if reported and returned within 3 minutes. After 5 minutes, please contact us at support@batt2go.com
Any Phone, Tablet or rechargeable accessory that uses a Micro-USB, iPhone Lighting cable or newer generation of USB C connector can be charged with any of our Portable Power Banks.
Yes, you may rent as many as needed. The system will keep track of each Individual Portable Power Bank’s unique Serial Number and the rental period of each one of the Portable Power Banks rented.
You can confirm on the App’s History menu, where you can see all the details of your rentals, purchases, and return charges.
Yes, our batteries are sealed power banks that cannot be opened or tampered without breaking the outer case. Inside each Portable Power Bank, you will only find a special deep cycle Lithium-Ion Battery cell, used for the sole purpose of recharging electronic devices.
YES, all our Portable Power Banks comply with all FCC and FAA regulations and are safe to use and bring on board as a personal item and can be used inside, unless otherwise instructed by the Flight Attendants of that flight.



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